"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron
"Drawing On The Light From Within" by Judith Cornell, PH.D.
"Mandala" by Judith Cornell, PH.D.
"Creating Minds" by Howard Gardner
"Frames of Mind” by Howard Gardner
“Creativity” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
“How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb
“The Creative Artist” By Lealand
"Celebrating The Stitch" by Barbara Lee Smith
"Quilts     and Influences" by Nancy Crow
"Freeing The Creative Spirit" by Adriana Diaz
“Mandala Coloring Books” by Monique Mandali
“Walking This World” by Julia Cameron
“The Vein Of Gold” A Journey to Your Creative Heart by Julia Cameron
“Handbook of Creativity” by Robert Sternberg
“Brain Typing” by Jonathan P. Niednagel
“The Secret” by Ronda Byrne

Available through Nightingale-Conant 1-800-323-5552 or  Sounds True - 1-800-333-9185

Freedom Through Higher Awareness - Dr. Wayne Dyer
The Possible You - Louise Hay
The Sacred Journey - Sam Keen
Energy Anatomy - Caroline Myss, PHD
Infinite Self - Stuart Wilde
Mind Mapping—Michael Gelb
True Balance—Sonia Choquette
Personal Power—Anthony Robbins

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