Letter of Agreement for Workshops & Lectures by Barbara Olson


This is to confirm our verbal agreement that Barbara Olson will present workshop(s) and/or lecture(s) for:

Conference / guild name:______________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ _______________________________

Phone: _______________ FAX:________________ E-mail:___________________________

Website: _________________________________

to be held on date(s) ______________________________________________

Fees are as Follows:

Lectures: $270.00 with workshop / $300.00 for lecture alone.

Six-hour classes and multi day classes

$700.00 per day for up to 20 students.

$1,300.00 for a two day workshop for up to 20 students

Additional students may be added for an additional fee of $25.00 per student, per day, up to a maximum of 25 students, providing the classroom is adequate. (see classroom requirements)

Description & Supply Lists: If you will be publishing a brochure or information for your conference or event which will be distributed to Barbara's students, Barbara must be provided with a copy of this brochure or information before sent to students so it may be edited for accuracy. Barbara must also be provided with copies of any additional information or brochures sent to students, regarding her workshops or lectures.

Promotional materials for workshops and lectures (slides) will be sent upon request. Biographical material and pictures for brochures, newsletters, and introductions is available on this website. http://www.barbaraolsonquiltart.com

Travel Arrangements will be made by Barbara Olson or the travel agent of the conference / guild, with Barbara's agreement on dates of travel, routes, airline etc. Barbara prefers isle seating.

In order to secure the most economical air transportation, Barbara must be provided with all necessary information about exact dates and times of workshops and other events at least 90 days prior to the first scheduled event on the trip which includes your events. Please keep in mind that you may not be the first group on her itinerary, and you may be required to provide this information more than 90 days prior to your events. If your failure to provide this information results in increased travel expenses, your group will be solely responsible for paying the difference in cost.

Expenses: All travel expenses will be borne by the guild / conference. These include:

Round trip air fare, cost of extra bag, all out of country taxes and permit fees

Mileage at Government rate

When driving to workshops, Barbara will expect the group or groups to pay or share the economy airfare to your locations(s) or the mileage at Government rate, whichever is less.

Rental car, if required, will include full coverage insurance fees.

At workshop location:

Ground Transportation: Arrangements will be made by the guild/conference to meet Barbara Olson at airport locations with a vehicle adequate to handle three large (50 pound/ 40 kilo) suitcases. Remember we will be lifting them in and out.

Lodging in a private room in a hotel, motel, or dormitory (if held on a university campus) (no private homes). Food must be available in or near the hotel.

Extra Days: If Barbara need's to spend extra time at your location in order to save the guild or conference money on air fare or is required to arrive a day early due to inclement weather, your guild/conference will be responsible for all expenses on these extra days.

If Barbara will be in your area for extra days in order for your group to share expenses with other groups in your area, the guild / conference will be responsible for sharing all expenses on these extra days with the other groups involved.

Shipping: Workshop supplies that must shipped ahead do to airline weigh restriction are the responsibility of the contracted group.

International Venues:

$ - All fees are listed in US dollars.

If Barbara will need a visa or work permit in order to come to your country, she will need to know at least 120 days before she leaves home. If a letter from your group is required for issuing a work permit, this must arrive at least 120 days in advance. If a work permit is necessary, and there is a charge for the work permit, the guild will be responsible for paying the charge. The guild will check with local immigration authorities, and let Barbara know at least 120 days in advance what arrangements need to be made to secure this work permit.

If the time difference between Billings and your country is more than 6 hours, Barbara will need a day of rest to recover from jetlag before she teaches a workshop.

If Barbara will be traveling to several cities in your country, she needs travel days on which she will not be teaching or a day of rest between cites. Groups, for which she will be teaching, including your group, will share expenses on the rest and travel days. (see sharing expenses, below)

Sales: In Barbara's workshops and lectures a number of additional items will be available for sale to interested students. The guild / conference will not expect to collect any commission on these sales. These items may include:

Patterns for Barbara’s techniques

Greeting cards of Barbara’s work


Book: Journey of an Art Quilter

Barbara will not promote these items during the class, nor will she spend class time selling them. They are simply available for sale to interested students. However, items specified for sale on supply lists, such as glue sticks, will be sold in class.

General Requirements for Classrooms and Lecture Halls
See bottom of Workshops main page for links to individual workshops:

Equipment Needed For Lectures

A Room that can be darkened

Podium light (Please check to be sure the light works before the meeting)

Projector with a spare projector bulb, and remote control (The remote control must reach the podium from a position in the room at which the Power Point can be projected on the screen to be as large as possible. Please check the projector and the remote control to be sure that both work before bringing them to the lecture hall.

Screen which is large enough to see clearly from the back of the room.

At least two, preferably three or more tables for display of work

Quilt stand for hanging a quilt (if available)

Workshop Classroom Requirements

One table for display and one additional table for demonstration.

Table space with enough room for each student to work at a sewing machine, with a large cutting board and iron next to it. (Ideally, one table per student)

Outlets and electrical capacity to support sewing machines and at least one iron for every four students. Access to the circuit breaker box is very important in case this is miss-calculated. (DO NOT IGNORE THIS REQUIREMENT)

Room must have adequate lighting and ventilation

For day workshops: Work wall that can be pinned into or movable design boards, such as 40" x 60" foam core, or insulation board. 40" / 1 meter (minimum) per student.

Agreement of Program Chair to Distribute This Information:  The program chairperson understands that she may not be the person doing airport pickups, preparing meals, and setting up class and lecture rooms. Therefore, the program chairperson agrees to pass on the information contained in this Confirmation of Understanding to all of the group members, hostesses and caterers, etc. in charge of these activities.

Barbara occasionally travels with her husband Larry. The guild will not be responsible for his expenses. In the case of hotels that have an extra charge for a second person in the room, Barbara will pay the extra charge.


The Guild may cancel a workshop due to insufficient enrollment 30 days prior to travel dates or prior to the purchase of non- refundable airline tickets or any other expenses incurred by Barbara Olson. If a workshop is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, Barbara Olson must be notified before incurring any expenses. If a workshop is canceled after the purchase of airline tickets, the guild will be responsible of paying for the tickets. If a workshop is canceled, and coming to your group for fewer workshops or lectures than originally agreed upon in this contract will cause economic hardship for Barbara Olson, she reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the contracted workshops / lectures.

Other workshop / lecture commitments made by Barbara Olson in your area on this same trip, shall be cleared with the guild / conference representative, with travel expenses to be shared if other teaching venues are included in her travel itinerary.

Sharing Expenses: When expenses are shared by several groups, expenses will be split between groups having similar programs. If groups sharing expenses will have disproportionately more or disproportionately less events than other groups, expenses will be apportioned fairly. Each group will be charged a percentage of total airfare, parking, tolls, and mileage, as well as meals, and lodging on rest and travel days. Individual groups will be responsible for lodging and meals on the days Barbara is working for them. In order to simplify accounting, a $25.00 per diem will be assessed for meals on days when they are not provided by your group.

A signed copy of this Letter of Agreement must be returned to Barbara Olson before a firm commitment can be made.

If your group would like to reserve future dates, but has not yet booked a venue or made decisions on which workshops to schedule, a copy of the Letter of Agreement with the notation marked Preliminary may be used to reserve the time in Barbara's schedule. A completed copy of this contract must subsequently be forwarded at a later date and at least 60 days before the scheduled workshops/lectures. (90 days for international venues) Contracts that have not arrived by 60 days prior to the scheduled dates are subject to cancellation by Barbara. Airline tickets will not be purchased until a contract is completed.

The Guild/Conference will provide the name of a second person in your organization who can be contacted in the event that the organizer/program chair is not available.

I have read the above letter of agreement, and I understand and agree to it's terms:

Guild / Conference Representative

Name: (printed) _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________



Phone:__________________________ FAX:______________________________

E-mail::___________________________________________ Website: ______________________________

Signature:__________________________________________ Date ___________________________20___

Second person in your group who can be contacted:

Name: (printed)____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________



Phone:__________________________  FAX:____________________________

E-mail:: __________________________________________Website: ______________________________

Teacher / Lecturer____________________________________ Date__________________________20___

Barbara Olson
19 Antelope Trail West
Billings, MT 59105 USA

Phone: Contact Barbara by E-mail and she will send you her phone number

E-mail: barbquiltart@aol.com
Website: http://www.barbaraolsonquiltart.com

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